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Melanie Marquis

  Merry meet, and welcome to my website! I’m a lifelong practitioner of magick, and the author of

A Witch’s World of Magick and The Witch’s Bag of Tricks from Llewellyn Publications.

I love magick and I’m happy to help others get the most from their personal practice anyway I can. Send me a line if  you’d ever like to chat!                          


My books!


A Witch’s World of Magick out this February from Llewellyn Publications!

To order a personalized, signed copy, send $20.00 (includes shipping, U.S. orders only) via paypal to

A Witch’s World of Magick is a book that offers an abundance of time-honored magickal techniques from different eras and diverse cultures, presenting new perspectives on the common threads that weave throughout our magickal world. With love spells, word charms, curse-breaking, counter-magick, potion-making, contemporary spellwork and more, inside is a wealth of new ideas to try and a bounty of food for thought for the modern eclectic witch.


Increase your power, improve your spellcasting, and reclaim the spark of excitement you felt when you took those very first steps down your magickal path. The first book of its kind to offer solitary eclectics a solution to the problem of dull or ineffective magick, The Witch’s Bag of Tricks will help practicing witches renew faith, improve abilities, and cast powerful spells that work. Designed for the experienced eclectic practitioner, this guide offers advanced spellcasting techniques and practical hands-on exercises for personalized magickal development. Breathe fresh life into your practice and take your magickal skills further than ever with The Witch’s Bag of Tricks!

To order a personalized, signed copy, send $20.00 (includes shipping, U.S. orders only) via paypal to

Get your copy of A Witch’s World of Magick or The Witch’s Bag of Tricks from any of these online retailers, or inquire at your local metaphysical shop or bookstore:

Llewellyn Worldwide

Barnes & Noble

Powell’s Books


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