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Melanie Marquis

  Merry meet, and welcome to my website! I’m a lifelong practitioner of magick, and the author of

A Witch’s World of Magick, The Witch’s Bag of Tricks, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Witchy Mama (co-authored with Emily A. Francis and scheduled for release May 2016) and Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot (illustrated by Scott Murphy and scheduled for release September 2016), all from Llewellyn Publications.

I love magick and spirituality, and I’m happy to help others get the most from their personal practice anyway I can. Send me a line if you’d ever like to chat!            

My newest book Witchy Mama as well as my upcoming Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot deck and book set are now available for pre-order! Reserve your signed copies! Witchy Mama is $20, Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot is $35, or you can get BOTH for $45, including shipping! Just send payment via paypal to, and I will send your orders as soon as they’re available.

Witchy Mama

From Publishers Weekly: “Filled with positive affirmations and practical tips, this reference book covers a variety of topics related to motherhood, from setting positive intentions prior to conception to keeping one’s personal and creative life alive while raising children. In casual, accessible language (“The boob fairy has come to visit, and youch!”), Marquis and Francis draw on their experiences as practitioners of magick and yoga, respectively, to share meditations to combat stressful situations, tips for setting loving boundaries, rituals to manifest desired outcomes, and stretches to relieve pregnancy aches and pains, as well as catalogs of goddesses and angels, stones, scents and oils, and colors that they deem beneficial to pregnancy and parenting. The authors honor many family situations, a variety of belief systems (“Connect to whatever entities or spirits you believe in”), and differences in personal taste (“If such imagery is a bit too fluffy and flowery for your tastes, envision something different”). The book can be read from cover to cover, but some information (such as the importance of diluting essential oils) is repeated for the benefit of readers who flip from section to section. Other important warnings include which oils and pressure points to avoid while pregnant—useful for pregnant women, soon-to-be-pregnant women, and partners to know. What makes this book magical is its wealth of sensible advice on preparing and caring for children, and its emphasis on mothers taking care of themselves and honoring their own spirits.”

Navigate the ups and downs of motherhood with a little magic! Written for mothers, by mothers, Witchy Mama offers practical and magical ideas, inspiration, and information to help mothers successfully overcome stress and exhaustion, banish bad dreams, soothe boo-boos, create a magical home, increase passion, achieve personal goals, and more.

Discover stones, scents, and colors to increase energy, reduce stress, and attract good fortune to yourself and to your family. Learn how to use simple charms and rituals to ease conflicts, banish fears, protect children, and increase happiness. Master stretching exercises, breathing techniques, and easy to learn yoga moves that will help you feel healthy, beautiful, and comfortable throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Witchy Mama contains a wealth of insight gathered from centuries of mother’s wisdom as well as from the authors’ own personal experiences. This book won’t tell you how to parent, but it will help you be happier and more successful as a parent, while still being your own person, too! Releasing May 2016 from Llewellyn Publications.

I’m also accepting pre-orders for signed copies of Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot! Just send $35 via paypal to to reserve yours today. This includes both the deck and the book, and shipping is free. These signed copies are very limited and already I only have just a few left to reserve, so act quick if you want one!

Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

A tarot designed for optimal use as a tool for divination as well as for magick, this deck and book kit will be available in September 2016 from Llewellyn Publications. Illustrated by Scott Murphy. 

View a sampling of cards from the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot here.

Available now from your local bookseller or metaphysical supply store:


A Witch’s World of Magick

(2014, Llewellyn Publications)

To order a personalized, signed copy, send $20.00 (includes shipping, U.S. orders only) via paypal to

 A Witch’s World of Magick is a book that offers an abundance of time-honored   magickal techniques from different eras and diverse cultures, presenting new perspectives on the common threads that weave throughout our magickal world. With love spells, word charms, curse-breaking, counter-magick, potion-making, contemporary spellwork and more, inside is a wealth of new ideas to try and a bounty of food for thought for the modern eclectic witch.

The Witch’s Bag of Tricks  (2011, Llewellyn Publications)

To order a personalized, signed copy, send $20.00 (includes shipping, U.S. orders only) via paypal to

Increase your power, improve your spellcasting, and reclaim the spark of

excitement you felt when you took those very first steps down your magickal path. The first book of its kind to offer solitary eclectics a solution to the problem of dull or ineffective magick, The Witch’s Bag of Tricks will help practicing witches renew faith, improve abilities, and cast powerful spells that work. Designed for the experienced eclectic practitioner, this guide offers advanced spellcasting techniques and practical hands-on exercises for personalized magickal development. Breathe fresh life into your practice and take your magickal skills further than ever with The Witch’s Bag of Tricks!


  Beltane: Rituals, Recipes, and Lore for May Day

The second book in Llewellyn’s new Sabbat Essentials series, this volume includes an abundance of ideas and information to help you incorporate the celebration of the Beltane Sabbat into your everyday magickal lifestyle. This guide to the history and modern celebrations of Beltane shows you how to perform rituals and work magic for protection, abundance, and more.  Recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, and meditations are also included.


  Lughnasadh: Rituals, Recipes, and Lore for Lammas

The fourth book in Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials series, this book explores the history and modern celebration of Lughnasadh, including rituals, meditations, recipes, crafts, and more.




Do you have a question or a comment about any of my books? Please feel free to write to me anytime at Reviews are always very much appreciated!


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